A non-profit organization to promote Indian culture

The organization is located in the Czech Republic where most of our activities are focused (although some English-only international web-projects are planned in the future—a vast Gallery of Indian temples and a blog on Sanskrit-related materials). At this time, the website is maintained only in Czech. Below is a summary in English:

News • Czech only
An occasional feed of short news on what is happening in our organization.

Articles • Czech only
A place to present our projects, reports of cultural and similar events, blogs, study group handouts, etc.

About us • English summary available

Siddhaika Publisher • Czech only
The Publisher was established recently with its first publication in 2013. This was a scholarly book on Shaivism which was followed by a more ‘readable’ publication on Indian mythology with plenty of color images, and a book on Sufi & Yogi tales. Awaiting printing are some fictional works, translation of selected Vaishnava Upanishads, an academic study of Tantrism, and so on. In short, Siddhaika Publisher is oriented toward both scholarly and mystical literature.

Hinduism Today • Czech translation of the English original
This is a Czech webzine version of the internationally acclaimed quarterly magazine Hinduism Today. As we need to pay the translators, this project is not inexpensive and we are trying to find ongoing sources of funding.

obálka knihy - Šivaismus
obálka knihy - Od Šivy k Šankarovi
obálka knihy - Divotvorní náthové
obálka knihy - Vybrané upanišady zasvěcené Višnuovi
Hinduism Today (cz) 2014/III
Hinduism Today (cz) 2014/IV
Hinduism Today (cz) 2014/II
Hinduism Today (cz) 2014/I