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At this time, the website is maintained only in Czech.

Siddhaika is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 in the Czech Republic. Being an NGO, we operate as a corporate body. Our mission is to promote ancient Indian culture, philosophy, and art. Siddhaika’s income is comprised of membership fees, private donations and occasionally grants.

As early as of 2008 the City Council of Pilsen (Plzen), the city where Siddhaika is located, decided to allocate us a grant for arranging and organizing the ‘Pilsen Days of Indian Culture,’ an event held at the end of August that year. Before establishing our Publisher in 2013, Siddhaika’s activities could be summarized as follows: Kathak dance performance and workshop, Indian music concert, screening of selected Indian movies, a photo exhibition on South Indian temples, and regular meetings of a study group called Netra on Indian philosophy. Later our attention has been focused mainly on our Publisher and on-line publishing the Czech translation of Hinduism Today.

Siddhaika Publisher • The Publisher is oriented toward both scholarly and mystical literature.

Hinduism Today • Czech translation of the English original. This is a Czech webzine version of the internationally acclaimed quarterly magazine Hinduism Today. As we need to pay the translators, this project is not inexpensive and we are trying to find ongoing sources of funding.

Contact us

Bolevecka 548/20
301 00 Plzen
Czech Republic

Siddhaika’s officers
Officers are elected by the board and the general meeting of members, and are honorary.

Rasa Ravi
founder, chairman and board member
From the late 80s he has been captivated by ‘India,’ gradually leading him to a way of life filled with the legacy of the Rishis. In his eyes the soul (hamsa) needs both wings to be able to fly: meditation as well as study (of Indian philosophy). Recently he has been dedicating himself to Sanskrit studies.

Lucie Strnad
treasurer, record keeper, Pilsen events manager, board member
Her inclinations towards Indian culture and wisdom, together with her husband, have led her to Siddhaika.

Lucie Tal
board member
Her longtime attraction to Yoga turned her steps to Siddhaika. She has been helping the organization’s founder since its inception.

Emanuel Chan
auditor, supervisor, regular member
Due to his immersion in multicultural topics and Yoga, his attention was captured by Indian culture leading him step by step to Siddhaika.

Milan Nemec
accountant, administrative adviser, regular member
A longtime admirer of Indian wisdom, in which he has found the fundamentals of his self-fulfillment. In the 90s he met the later-to-be founder of Siddhaika, to whom he was a great support with the latter’s first book.

Jan Jirkovsky (1988–2015)
external collaborator
Indian philosophy and culture have been close to his heart for many years. His sincere and deep interest comprises the Yogas of both India and Tibet. He is engaged in religious studies.

We appreciate any kind of financial support, either regular or occasional. For donating small amounts, please use our PayPal account. Information for international bank transfers:

IBAN: CZ1755000000002837609001
Account name: SIDDHAIKA o. s.
Address of the account holder: SIDDHAIKA o. s., Bolevecka 548/20, 30100 Plzen, Czech Republic
Bank name: Raiffeisenbank a. s.
Bank address: Olbrachtova 9, 14021 Prague 4, Czech Republic